I ordered a nervous tummy rub from calm families. It was originally for my daughter but now the whole family have used it and love it!


From the most wonderful hand cream after shellac nail varnish ruined my nails, to a deep muscle rub while training for a marathon, the products are always excellent.


Highly recommend all products.
Everything about them is fabulous...the smell, the packaging, the price


Bought this as a mother of 3 boys as I find commercially available sanitisers can be quite harsh on little hands. I love this product. It smells really great, rubs in without leaving any residue and leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised for hours. 


It's refreshing to see you're approach on complimentary therapies. They certainly do compliment the standard medical treatments. I can testify to that. I'm an advocate of oils, reiki , homoeopathy & more. I recently purchased the aromatherapy inhaler & can honestly say it works 👍😊. An easy to use nasal inhaler works wonders when needed. 


What are essential oils?

Essential oil production happens by steam or water distillation. Distillation from leaves, wood, petals, buds, needles, bark or roots is what creates the oil. Aromatic botanicals like chamomile, lavender, neroli or tea tree are typical essential oils.

Lavender has become one of the most popular essential oils. It is also our favourite and one we use a lot here at Calm Families.

Why our products use essential oils

At age 6 my son started suffering from anxiety. It presented through excessive hand washing which was drying and irritating his skin. I then started studying Aromatherapy including essential oils to help him.

During that process, I formulated an alcohol-free hand sanitiser. It uses the antiseptic power of Tea Tree Oil and calming properties Lavender Oil. Once other parents saw the result, they asked me to make them up one too. This is how Calm Families got started.

From there we formulated complimentary products for kids and their parents. The aim is always to apply concepts of Aromatherapy but be effective at their core task. We focus on natural products help calm anxiety in kids and their parents as much as possible.

We do recommend responsible use of our products. Always seek medical advice for any issues first.

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