Essential Oils Treating More Than Anxiety

Essential Oils Treating More Than Anxiety

Since I started studying Aromatherapy and learning about the endless benefits of essential oils, I have been treating the whole family for minor ailments. Anxiety was the obvious problem with my son struggling and his suffering having a knock on effect on the rest of us. When the oils had such an amazing effect on this, I started to reach for oils more and more.

Every winter, chest infections are prominent here and it triggers my sons asthma. At the first sign of a cough in November, I brought out the tea tree/eucalyptus/lavender/black pepper/cedar wood, and it stopped it in its tracks. It’s happened a few times since and only one has developed into an infection with my daughter.

One evening Mr. Calm Families burned himself on the oven, it was a nasty steam burn and we had run out of burn spray. I looked up home remedies and found I had all the oils recommended. I made a blend of Spikenard, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense and Eucalyptus and he woke the next morning pain free and the burn had gone down a lot.

Just this week my son had a bad fall at school. He had split his chin and had a lot of cuts and bruises. Obviously we went straight to the doctor who put strips on his chin but when we got home, he actually asked me did I have a blend that would help. I made up a blend to help with pain relief (Eucalyptus, Lavender), to speed up wound healing (Frankincense) and stop bleeding (Geranium). Luckily it smelled divine so he happily let me apply it a few times a day and swears it’s taking the pain away. We won’t know about the healing until the strips come off but hopefully it will have done some good.

I would never substitute using oils for medical treatment/advice if I felt it was needed but I find it an excellent compliment and now the whole family will ask if any oils can help something before looking for medicine.

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